Vision & Mission


In today´s world, as international relations became more complex in line with globalization, public diplomacy became one of the most important tools of influencing the international public opinion. Efficiency in the areas of strategic communication and public diplomacy has become indispensible elements of Turkey’s national interests, regional strength, and global responsibility as a rising power. This is important with respect to both the legitimacy and the scope of effectiveness of the policies adopted by our country. Starting from our rich heritage and the increasing effect on regional and global politics in recent years, Office of Public Diplomacy of Prime Ministry aims at telling Turkey´s new story effectively, establishing communication with different segments, and carrying out activities on a multilateral communication basis.


Public diplomacy aims at increasing the visibility and effectiveness of Turkey in international public opinion, as one of the most important tools of Turkish foreign policy and soft power capacity. Office of Public Diplomacy is responsible for providing the coordination between the public agencies and civil organizations for the accurate and efficient promotion and presentation of Turkey. The public diplomacy activities, which have a central importance for the promotion and perception management of Turkey, and which stretch over a large area as varied as diplomacy, foreign aid, science and technology, economy, higher education, tourism, culture, arts and media, provide for the recognition of Turkey´s new potentials by the world public opinion. The accurate recognition of Turkey at different segments of the world necessitates medium and long term systematic efforts. Office of Public Diplomacy contributes to such efforts by coordinating the different activity items listed above.