OPD Circular

January 30, 2010 SATURDAY Official Gazette Issue: 27478


From Prime Ministry:

Subject: Office of Public Diplomacy


Today, international relations have become more complicated as a result of globalization, and "Public Diplomacy", along with official inter-state diplomacy, gained a distinct importance as another tool for influencing the international community. For the success of the efforts aimed at proving our rightfulness against the accusations and problems faced by our country at international platforms, the international community has to be informed accurately by means of public diplomacy methods and tools.

The tasks related with developing strategies to improve the credibility of our country in international arena, and for conducting promotion activities for our country, were assigned to various public agencies and organizations with the related legislation. However, in today’s world, local problems can easily attain a global character. Therefore, considering the developments in information and communication technologies and both the opportunities and threats arising in international arena a more effective coordination and a close cooperation between the agencies tasked with public diplomacy activities are necessitated for a swift decision-making process.

In this respect, it was considered appropriate to establish an Office of Public Diplomacy under the auspices of a Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister in order to provide cooperation and coordination between public agencies and non-governmental organizations in their activities related to public diplomacy. The secretarial services of the Office of Public Diplomacy shall be carried out by General Directorate of Press and Information.

All public agencies and organizations shall assist in the execution of the activities of Office of Public Diplomacy with their staff, financial resources, overseas organizations, and technical and scientific capacities. Within the framework of the annual activity plans prepared by the Office of Public Diplomacy, funds shall be appropriated from the budgets of the related agencies.

Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN
Prime Minister