The Idea of Europe Conference Series

It is an opinion frequently expressed especially in arts, culture, and philosophy that Europe does not have only a geographical, cultural or historical meaning, but it also constitutes an "idea" with the values it stands for. Although it is sometimes claimed that the "European identity" based on this “idea” is in a crisis and there are steps to be taken to overcome this crisis, we face "Europe as an idea" as a benchmark of the movements originating from Europe, and of the Europe-based formations, the most important of which is the European Union.

As the Office of Public Diplomacy, we aim to seek an answer for the question "What is Europe?" from Istanbul, a city not "beside" Europe but in Europe, and even promising more things than Europe.

At the "The Idea of Europe" meetings, which we plan to organize twice a month, we will host the thinkers and academicians who carry out studies on Europe. With this program, the "idea of Europe" will be discussed in detail in its philosophical, cultural, artistic and ethnic dimensions and answers to questions such as "How does Europe position itself with respect to world?", "What is European identity, does such an identity exist and can it be defined?" and "What is the vision of Europe for 21st century?" will be sought.

Until today, we carried out the Europe as an Idea Meetings with the participation of Gil Anidjar, Susan Buck-Morss, Nilüfer Göle, and Ian Almond; and we plan to host in Istanbul the world-famous experts such as Siba Grovogui, Bobby Sayyid, William Connoly, Seyla Benhabib, Dipesh Chakrabarty, Rodolphe Gasché, Ian Buruma, Talal Asad, Slovaj Zizek, Timothy Brennan, Jose Casanova, Robert J.C. Young, Mahmood Mamdani, and Remi Brague in the forthcoming period.