Journalist Groups

Turkey is ahead of the countries that attract the attention of foreign media in recent years. The effective, positive and constructive role that she plays both in her own region and at international level, the representative capabilities that she attained at various international agencies and organizations, and her approach to problems with a perspective that creates vision, have begun to make Turkey more visible at global level.

The Journalist Committees Program is created for inviting the members of foreign media to our country in order to satisfy this interest and curiosity about our country. The aim of the program is to allow people in other countries to obtain information about Turkey directly.
Within the framework of the program, a group of journalists - consisting of the editorial directors, foreign news editors or columnists interested in Turkey, who work at media institutions respected by the public opinion in their countries - are invited to Turkey. During these visits that last approximately one week, the guests meet with officials from Presidency, Prime Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They receive first hand information about Turkey’s stance and vision on a number of global and domestic issues. In addition, since the meetings are organized in cooperation with the leading think tanks, media institutions of our country, the visiting journalists are also informed about the agenda in our country.

So far, Syrian, Iranian, Lebanese, Spanish, American, Turkmen, and Arabian journalists were hosted in the scope of this program; and we plan to invite journalist committees from Japan, Greece, Egypt, Germany and France to our country in the forthcoming period.