Foreign Policy Workshops

With its new vision, Turkish foreign policy increasingly draws the attention of academicians, policy-makers and media. The interest of different circles diversified the discussions on foreign policy. The principles, mechanisms and regional- and global-scale initiatives, on which Turkish foreign policy is based, are being discussed from different aspects in academic publications, at negotiation tables and in media. The new face of foreign policy also necessitates new theoretical and methodological points of view.
Doctoral studies constitute the most vibrant and creative field concerning Turkish foreign policy. The Foreign Policy Workshops aim to bring the doctoral students together with the academicians working on different fields of foreign policy and with foreign policy makers.

The first workshop in Foreign Policy Workshops series - where Turkish foreign policy is discussed in detail with doctorate students that represent the dynamic face of the academic circle - was organized in Konya on December 23-24, 2011, and the second workshop was organized in Mardin on June 7-10, 2012.