• Antalya Hosted G20 Leaders Summit

    Bringing world´s 19 biggest economies together with the EU, 10th G20 Leaders Summit was convened in Antalya on 15-16 November, 2015. Organized under the auspices of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, G20 Summit focused on global economic and political issues during 7 sessions. Over 13.000 officials ...

  • Turkey: Juncture Point of Global Transportation

    Turkey, which already has access to 1.5 billion people, and to a market of 26.3 trillion dollars, is strengthening its role of being a junction point in global transportation with critical investments in expanding its railway, airway, highway and maritime network. According to the data from the M...

    Foreign Investment to Turkey

    Turkey, which has the fastest growing economy in Europe, continues to be a center of attraction for international investors. While the total amount of foreign investment Turkey received until 2002 was 15 billion dollars, this amount has increased 9 fold within the last 10 years.

    Turkish Citizens Travel to 70 Countries without Visa*

    Turkey continues to open up to the world with the recent visa agreements made one after the other. In 2002, Turkish citizens with regular passports could enter 42 countries without a visa; this number has risen to 70 including the recent legal proceedings awaiting approval. Furthermore, Turkish c...