Kamu Denetcisi Arif Dülger

Born in Pınarhisar (Kırklareli) on August 15, 1963. Following his primary and secondary education level, he passed public boarding school examination and attended to İstanbul Technical School of Civil Works. Completed his secondary education level in that school. Graduated from Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in Marmara University.

Continued his career which started at H.Nimet Özden Foundation in the year 1980, with several press institutions as journalists between the years of 1984 to 1986, and as a contracted civil servant in the Department of Finance under Turkish State Railways between the years 1987 to 1988. Following passing the Examination of DG for Foundations for the Position of Assistant Inspectors, he was assigned as the assistant inspector to DG for foundations through official approval dated 04.11.1988. Worked in this DG as an assistant inspector for a period of 3 years. Following passing Special Competence Examination for Assistant Inspectors, in line with relevant regulations, he was assigned to the same DG as the Inspector. After working as an Inspector in DG for Foundations for 16 years, he was assigned as Foundations Council Member through a Decree dated 04.06.2004 with ref no. 2004-5008. Worked as a Foundations Council Member in the DG for Foundations between the dates of 17.06.2004 to 12.12.2016.

Elected as the Ombudsman by the Joint Committee of Petitions and Human Rights under TGNA on November 2, 2016 pursuant to relevant articles defined under the Law on Ombudsman Institution.

Within the scope of “Authors, Intellectuals and Artists of the Year 2009” by Writers Union of Turkey, he was selected as the “Poet of the Year” for his poem book namely “Meğer Aşk İmiş”. His poems were published in many magazines namely “Ayane, Kardelen, Kayıtlar, İslami Edebiyat, Kırağı, Özülke, Seher, Kalem ve Onur, Edebiyat Ortamı, Düş Çınarı, Bir Nokta, Ay Vakti, Mor Taka, Anadolu Çınar, Dil ve Edebiyat, Türk Dili ve Yeni Edebiyat Yaprağı”.

Other works of the Poet are as follows:

–       Şiir Nöbetleri, Ayane Publications, Ankara, 1990 (Poem)

–       Geçmiş Zaman Düşleri, Denge Publications, Istanbul, 1995 (Poem)

–       Ses Ver Bana, Beyan Publications, Istanbul, 1998 (Poem)

–       Sözün Ateşi, Esra Sanat Publications, Konya, 1998 (Essay)

–       Bana Aşkı Sun, Timaş Publications, 2004 (Poem)

–       Sanki Bahar, Istanbul Publications, 2009 (Poem)

–       Meğer Aşk İmiş-Poems, Istanbul Publications, 2009 (Poem)

–       Hayal Aynası, Nar Publications, Istanbul,2012 (Poem)

–       Kırk Odalı Deniz, 2014, Istanbul Publications (Poem)

–       Günlerin İçinden, 2016, Çizgi Publishing House (Travelling Journals)

Married and the father of Ahmet and Elif.